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The Learning Channel's "Babies"


Thursday, Apr. 13, 2006


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TLC stands for The Learning Channel. It also stands for education�helping viewers to learn life's lessons. This TLC spirit is conveyed through humor, embodied in figurines that reflect these lessons. A young couple proudly displays their figurines in their home nursery room, including one that shows an infant on a changing table. The lesson learned: Babies have surprisingly great aim. A voiceover urges us to collect all the TLC figurines and to "live and learn."


Agency: The Martin Agency Sean Riley, creative director; Todd Brusnighan, copywriter; Patt Wittich, art director; Katherine Wintsch, strategic planner; Molly Schaaf, producer; Maggie Dunn, assistant producer. Production Company: Epoch FIlms, NY Office Matt Aselton, director; Jerry Solomon, executive producer; Marc Marrie, producer; Peter Donahue, DP. Editorial: Cosmo Street Lawrence Young, editor; Joshua Teicher, assistant editor Postproduction: Curious Pictures,Method Meredith Brown, CGI producer,Toby Brockhurst, visual effects artist; Angela Lupo, producer. Sound Design: Amber (Heavenly) Music Bill Chesley, sound designer; Kate Gibson, producer Audio: Sound Lounge Philip Loeb, audio post mixer

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