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Virgin Mobile's "Greatest Adult Music"


Tuesday, Apr. 4, 2006


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To promote Virgin Mobile's Listen Line service whereby customers can hear offbeat audio during their free nights and weekend minutes, Mother, New York, and director Peter Darley Miller teamed on creating a silly porn film spoof in which frisky dolls are the protagonists. The sassy adult themed repartee underscores the "Adult Music" theme.


Agency: Mother Paul Malmstrom, Linus Karlsson, Andrew Deitchman, Rob Baird, Cory Berger, Dylan Bernd, Jon Clarke, Susan Corbo, Christina DeGuardi, Phil Graham, Helen O�Neill, Margaux Ravis, Debra Sercy, Alex Stankiewicz, Dena Lenard, Alain Sylvain and Allon Tatarka, creative team. Production Company: @radical.media Peter Darley Miller, director; Mott Hupfel, DP; Deborah Sullivan and Maya Brewster, executive producers; Gary Romano, line producer. Shot on location in New York City. Editorial: Spot Welders Inc. Dick Gordon, editor; Tommy Murov, executive producer; Dahkil Hausif, assistant editor. Postproduction: Company 3 New York John Bonta, colorist. Visual Effects: Method Toby Brockhurst and Jay Tilin, VFX artists; Luis Ribeiro, executive producer; Gwen Frey, associate producer; Connie Griffin, managing director. Music: Monkeybacon Paul Malmstrom, composer. Audio: audioEngine Hillary Kew, mixer.

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