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Insurance Corp. of British Columbia's "Tennis"


Friday, Mar. 17, 2006


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A tennis match appears to be a one-sided affair as a man serves to his opponent. The ball goes right by the man on the other side of the net, who stands motionless.

    The next serve hits him in the shoulder. Again he doesn't move. The third serve is a direct hit in the privates�not even eliciting a wince or even the slightest suggestion of pain.

    The camera reveals the man of no reactions to be bruised and battered. A super tells us his physical state, reading, "It's no fun to be dead." The next super puts his death into context: "Don't drink and drive."

Agency: Wasserman and Partners Darren Warner, creative director; Lisa Lebedovich, art director; Steve Zaozirny, copywriter; Shelley Stevens, producer. Production Company: Untitled, Toronto Aleysa Young, director; James Davis, Tory Osler, executive producers; Ted Herman, producer; Simon Shohet, DP Editorial: JMB Post Productions Don Macdonell, editor Postproduction: JMB Post Productions Don Macdonell, colorist Sound Design: Wave Productions Craig Zarazun, sound designer Audio: Wave Productions Brandon Edwards, audio post mixer

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