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Children's Memorial Hospital's "One Day"


Friday, Mar. 17, 2006


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A teenage girl remembers the day she went to Children's Memorial Hospital to treat a recurring tumor. Thanks to that single day, she has since enjoyed 1,427 more�and counting. A voiceover informs us that 70 percent of Chicago-area children diagnosed with brain tumors are treated at the hospital.


Agency: Element 79 Partners Susan Bertocchi, group creative director; David Boensch, art director; Greg Oreskovich, copywriter; Lisa Von Drehle, freelance producer. Production Company: Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios Steve Beck, director; Paul Babb, executive producer; Joel Zimmerman, producer; David Kessler, DP Editorial: Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios Jay Lizarraga, editor; Steve Wellington, additional cutting. Postproduction: Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios,Company 3 Los Angeles,Spy Post Digital Steve Wellington, online editor,Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist; Missy Papageorge, producer.,Gary Coates, colorist; Lori Joseph, producer. Visual Effects: Rhythm + Hues Commercial Studios John Heller, visual effects supervisor/lead Flame artist; Yukiko Ishiwata, Eric DeHaven, Flame artists; Sheri Cruz, roto artist; Lisa White, head of production, commercial digital; Ken Roupenian, director, digital production; Stacy Burstin, executive director, design division; Anjelica Casillas, manage

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