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Volkswagen's "Hair"


Thursday, Mar. 9, 2006


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A male driver has to choose between his girlfriend and his inner Fast, which lives and loves to accelerate in the VW GTI. The female passenger wants to roll up the car window because her hair is getting mussed up by the wind as the VW motors along. But rolled up windows don't aerodynamically jibe with Fast's need to go fast. The driver's choice is clear�Fast gets the nod over female companionship.


Agency: Crispin Porter + Bogusky Alex Bogusky, chief creative officer; Andrew Keller executive creative director; Rob Strasberg, creative director; Anja Duering, associate creative director/art director; Mike Howard, associate creative director/copywriters; Rupert Samuel, executive producer; Jessica Dierauer, producer; Bill Meadows, agency music producer. Production Company: MJZ Rocky Morton, director; Sal Totino, DP; David Zander, president; Jeff Scruton, senior executive producer; Karen Chen, producer. Shot on location in Los Angeles. Editorial: Cosmo Street Tom Scherma, editor; Aaron P. Langley, assistant editor; Amy Febinger, executive producer. Postproduction: The Mill New York Fergus McCall, colorist. Visual Effects: Method Connie Griffin, managing director; Luis Ribeiro, executive producer; Angela Lupo, VFX producer; Matt Reilly and Bridget Fullan, VFX artists. Sound Design: Beacon Street Studios John Nau and Andrew Feltenstein, composers; Brian Chapman, sound design

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