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Canal Plus "The March of the Emperors"


Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006


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A man tells a woman about this great movie he saw, The Emperor's Journey. Immediately she envisions a Napoleon-like character. But she has to adjust what she pictures in her mind as the guy reveals more details�like the film being set in Antarctica, with hundreds of emperors, and one of them being devoured by a giant seal. However her imagination cannot keep up with the last plot twist, which had the emperors mating for hours. As it turns out, The Emperor's Journey also is known as The March of the Penguins�which leads to the slogan for cinema TV channel Canal+: "Movies are made to be seen."


Agency: Euro RSCG Worldwide Pierre Riess, Luc Rouzier, copywriters; Romain Guillon, Eric Astorgue, art directors; David Green, Simon Chater Robinson, producers. Production Company: @radical.media @radical.media, Paris: The Glue Society, directors; Alexis Bensa, Guy Pechard, executive producers/producers; Adam Kimmel, DP. Editorial: @radical.media Yann Malcor, editor Postproduction: My Lounge,Media Lab, Paris Jane Jameaux, post producer; Didier Lefouest, freelance colorist, Visual Effects: @radical.media No Brain, a collective of graphic designers Audio: Capitaine Plouf, Paris Sebastien Cannas, audio post mixer

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