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Gibson Guitar's "Empress"


Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006


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The emperor in this spot has plenty of clothes�and plenty of everything. So much so that his wife is having a hard time finding a gift that will please him. She lavishes upon him a treasure chest full of gold and jewelry, a vintage car, a breathtaking portrait, yet none of these presents make the grade. However, there is something for the man who has everything as the emperor spies a nearby musician serenading him�with a Gibson Guitar. The empress strips the musician of his Gibson, handing it to her hubby who is indeed most pleased.


Agency: Carmichael Lynch Peter McHugh, chief creative officer; Andy Clarke, executive creative director; Glen Wachowiak, creative director; Ellie Anderson, copywriter; Bill Lee, art director; Lisa Norman, producer. Production Company: greatguns: usa Gurinder Chadha, director; Sanjay Gupta, DP; Tom Korsan and Mary Sanders, executive producer; Tabrez Noorani, producer; Nitan Daisi, production designer. Shot on stage at ND Studios, Karjat, India. Editorial: Speade Editors Adam Spivey, editor. Postproduction: Framestore CFC | London Ben Rogers, colorist; Matt Clark, online editor. Music: Aardvark Sound Oliver Davis, composer
Sound Design: Aardvark Sound Oliver Davis, sound designer. Audio: Wave Studio Parv Thind, mixer.

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