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The Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union's "Locked Eyes"


Thursday, Feb. 16, 2006


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A bank teller clearly cares about his customer's money�but not the customer. We see the female customer at the teller's window, trying to explain what she needs. However the teller is oblivious, his eyes clearly focused somewhere else. That somewhere else turns out to be the wallet that the woman is holding. She notices his line of sight and begins to move her wallet up and down, to and fro�and sure enough the teller's eyes follow every movement. The Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union is then positioned as a business that is attentive to its customers, a welcomed departure from the banking norm.


Agency: Phinney Bischoff Design House Leslie Phinney, executive creative director; David Yeend, creative director/copywriter Production Company: The Radisch Company Steve Utaski, director/editor; Lisa Farnham, producer; Steve McGehee, DP Postproduction: Flying Spot Jeff Tillotson, colorist Visual Effects: Nectar, Seattle Frank Clark, graphics designer Sound Design: Pure Audio Scott Weiss, sound designer Audio: Pure Audio Scott Weiss, audio post mixer

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