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United Airlines "Dragon"


Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2006


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A stop-motion animation spot takes us inside a child's imagination as he pictures his father's daring exploits during a business trip. Dad is thrust into a medieval adventure, becoming a knight who joins fellow knights at a roundtable. They defend themselves against fire-breathing dragons and vanquish the beasts. The spot then returns to modern-day reality as the father returns home with a gift for his son�appropriately enough, a toy dragon.


Agency: Fallon Minneapolis Bruce Bildsten, Paul Silburn (who have both since exited the agency). executive creative directors; Stuart D�Rozario, group creative director/copywriter; Bob Barrie, art director; Brian DiLorenzo, director of broadcast production, North America; Kate Talbott, executive producer; Henni Iwarsson, assistant producer. Production Company: Duck Studios Jamie Caliri, director/cinematographer; Mark Medernach, executive producer; Gwynn Adik, senior producer/head of production; Alexander Juhasz, lead designer; Patrick Macioroski, background designer/fire animation; Morgan Hay, puppet/set construction; Donna Calire, shrub design/ construction; Kim Blanchette, lead puppet animator; Justin Kohn, additional puppet animation; Anna Saunders, bird and facial animation; Soyeon Kim, background/texture painter; Todd Hemker, digital image prep, After Effects animation/compositing, rig removal/matting; Joel Fox, digital image prep, rig removal/matting; Jan Chen, Laura Sasso, After Effects animat

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