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AMF Pension's "The Planet"


Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006


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A young man walks through double doors into a dark room.  The commercial inquires "What if you could visit yourself in the future?"  He steps into a spiral stairway and looks up through the center of the spiral.  He opens an apartment door and there is an ape behind the door (Planet of the Apes style).  New reels with apes and many historic events peopled by apes are quickly displayed in series.  The commercial flashed back to the apartment door.  The ape in the apartment takes off his mask and says "Wow, its ME!"  Sounds of a party filter out from behind him.  The old version of the man says "come in and meet my friends."  The AMF Pension logo is displayed with "more to live for."


Agency: Foresman & Bodenfors, Stockholm Jacob Nelson, copywriter; Lotta Agerup, art director; Magnus Kennhead, producer; Anna Chantre, production manager; Leif Sorte, project manager Production Company: Social Club Jesper Ericstam, director; Magnus Theorin, producer; Carl Sundberg, DP Postproduction: Fireplace, Stockholm,Sto.pp Edward Negussie, colorist,Johan Boije, online editor Sound Design: Housework Martin Dahl, sound designer Audio: Housework Martin Dahl, audio post mixer

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