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Montana Meth Project's "Bathtub"


Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006


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A teenage girl is standing in the bathroom talking on the phone.  She says "My parents think I am sleeping at your house.  I'm just jumping in the shower."  She gets in the shower and begins to wash.  Looking down she sees blood mixed with the water.  She turns to see where it is coming from and sees herself beaten and bleeding sitting curled up on the floor of the shower saying "Don't do it."  The screen goes black and then says "Meth.  Not even once."


Agency: Venables, Bell & Partners Paul Venables and Greg Bell, creative directors; Tavia Holmes, art director; Aaron Stern, copywriter; Stacey Higgins, producer Production Company: Supply & Demand Tony Kaye, director/DP; Dana Garman, executive producer; Tina Nakane, producer Editorial: Lost Planet Geoff Hounsell, editor Postproduction: Sea Level Visual Effects,Company 3 Los Angeles Jim Bohn, online editor; Jacques Bleu, online producer; Celest Gilbert, executive producer,Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist Visual Effects: Sea Level Visual Effects Jim Bohn, Fire artist; Matt Lydecker, 2D artist; Steffen Schubert, CG artist; Celest Gilbert, executive producer Sound Design: Play,Lost Planet John Bolen, sound designer,Geoff Hounsell, sound designer Audio: Play John Bolen, Chris Hildrew, audio post mixers

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