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Universal Orlando's "Nails"


Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006


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An old lady is sitting in a rocking chair reading a bedtime story next to a soft lamp.  She puts down her book and walks over to a bed where a man lies sweating.  She says "dear, you look a little warm" and pulls back his blanket to reveal that he is lying on a bed of nails.  She says "sweet dreams" and reaches up over his head to pull down the lid to the nail bed.  The man screams in fear and horror and the screen flashed to black and then words "Halloween Horror Nights starts September 30" appear. 


Agency: davidandgoliath David Angelo and Liz Gumbinner, creative directors; Melissa Pipeling, copywriter; Anne Bioty, art director; Erin Sullivan, producer Production Company: tight Amanda Evans, director; Jonathon Ker, executive producer; Bridget Blake-Wilson, producer; Ross Richardson, DP Editorial: Union Editorial Alycia Daniels, freelance editor; Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles,Union Editorial Mike Pethel, colorist,Todd Iorio, Seth Silberfein, online editors Music: Agent Jackson Michael Fitzpatrick, composer Sound Design: Agent Jackson,Union Editorial Jon Klok, sound designer,Matt Lewkowicz, sound designer Audio: Union Editorial Matt Lewkowicz, audio post mixer

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