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Cincinnati Bell/Zoom Town's "Museum"


Thursday, Feb. 9, 2006


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A man wearing a bathrobe is sitting in his office.  The office has glass walls, bookshelves, and a computer on which he is struggling.  You hear the sounds of a dial up modem trying to work over  and over.  Tow kinds press their faces up against the glass.  The man gets up and goes to his door.  He steps out and realizes he is a museum exhibit titled "Dial-Up Man."  He sees "Neanderthal Man" who nods hello to him from across the hall.  An announcer ends the commercial by saying  "Zoom Town high Speed internet.  $20 a month from Cincinnati Bell."


Agency: Gee, Jeffery & Partners Advertising Rob Simpson, creative director; Martin Buchanan, associate creative director; Eric Jones, art director; Nathan Dye, copywriter; Tess Waisglass, freelance producer Production Company: Circle Productions Tom De Cerchio, director; Karen Tameanko, executive producer; Kate Dale, producer; Doug Koch, DP Editorial: Panic & Bob, Toronto Andy Ames, editor; Sam McLaren, executive producer Postproduction: The Lab | Toronto Lee Engleman, colorist Visual Effects: Eyes Post Andrew Hunter, visual effects artist/executive producer Music: David Fleury Music David Fleury, composer Sound Design: David Fleury Music Dan Kuntz, sound designer Audio: David Fleury Music David Fleury, audio post mixer

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