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Wet Ones' "Sticky"


Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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A man is standing on the sidewalk with his cute little miniature poodle dog.  A lady walks up to him, eating cotton candy and begins to chat with the man and pat his dog.  The man receives a phone call and turns away while the lady continues to pat his dog.  The lady is horrified to discover the dog has stuck to her sticky hand.  She hides her sticky hand with the dog on it behind her back.  The man comes back and is looking for his dog the lady pretends to help him, but is given away when she goes to wipe her forehead with the hand that has the dog stuck to it. A container of Wet Ones is shown "for when you can't wash your hands."   


Production Company: Bad Company Films Scott Squires, director/writer (freelance); Raub Shapiro, producer; Don Smith, DP Postproduction: Spy Post Digital Chris Martin, colorist Audio: Crescendo! Studios Matt Wood, audio post mixer

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