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Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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A little boy pours milk next to his cereal bowl.  He calls to a kitty trapped in a tree that is actually a squirrel.  A narrator comments "you think it would be easy to tell which kids had trouble with their eyesight" as the boy runs his scooter into the glass of a bus stop booth.  "Eye doctors tell us the symptoms aren't always so obvious" as the boy throws a basketball several feet away from the net into another boy.  For clues on how to spot the real life signs of vision problems.......Check yearly.  See Clearly."


Agency: August, Lang and Husak Chuck Husack, creative director/art director/copywriter; Francis Sullivan, freelance copywriter Production Company: Working Stiff Commercial Film Production, Inc Matthew Pittroff, director/executive producer; Kurt Uebersax, producer; Alain Betrancourt, DP Editorial: gk|edit George Kelly, editor Postproduction: Producers Video, Inc.,MI Post Kirk Davis, online editor,Micah Kirz, colorist Visual Effects: Producers Video, Inc. Steve Palmieri, 2D animation artist Sound Design: Producers Video, Inc. Ned Boyle, sound designer Audio: Producers Video, Inc. Mike Brilhart, audio post mixer

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