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Toyota's "The Attempt"


Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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A pretty garage door in the suburbs, shining in the sunlight, hides a man who is sitting inside the car in the garage with a hose coming into his car's window, from the car's exhaust.  The camera starts out side the garage then slowly moves into the garage, into the car and then close up on the man, who seems to be  unconscious in the car.   The man opens his eyes and turns to look at the hose.  He picks up a magazine and starts flipping through it.  The camera backs up for a full shot of the inside of the garage as a narrator says "The Toyota Hybrid Prius good for the environment, good for you."


Production Company: Area 51 Films Theodore Melfi, director; Phyllis Koenig, Preston Lee executive producers; Jolie Chitwood, producer; Josh Medak, DP Editorial: Cut and Run Frank Effron, editor Postproduction: Cut and Run,Company 3 Los Angeles Mitch Gardiner, online editor,P.J. Marsiglia, colorist Visual Effects: Red Car, Santa Monica Chris Homel, graphics artist Audio: Lime Studios Mark Meyuhas, audio post mixer

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