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Ohio Tobacco Use Prevention & Control Foundation's "Road Kill"


Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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A series of scenes of highway are shown as a child's voice sings ring around the rosy.  A dog runs along side a busy highway. A traffic jam.  a child blowing bubbles out the window of an SUV.  In the Last Chance Barr & Grille a pretty waitress serves bottled beer as the child sings "all fall down."  Most of the patrons are smoking and drinking.  The viewer now sees how the scenes are connected.  Police rush to the source of the traffic jam to assist paramedics put people on stretchers.  A roadside sign says "The air in a smoky bar is up to 50X more toxic. Just imagine if you worked there."  


Agency: Northlich Chris Dye and Eric Thompson, art directors; Sarah Lyons, copywriter; Diane Frederick, producer Production Company: HKM Productions Nelson Cabrera, director; Carl Swan, executive producer; Eric Escott, producer; Jesse Green, DP Editorial: red echo post, llc Tate Webb, editor Postproduction: Cineworks Digital Studios, Inc. John Palmisano, colorist Visual Effects: red echo post, llc Scott Thierauf, Maya CGI artist Music: Sound Images, Inc. Rob Fedders, composer; Jack Streitmarter, producer Audio: Sound Images, Inc. Grant Kattmann, audio mixer/sound designer

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