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Tylenol's "Big One"


Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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A woman is sitting in her living room munching on some peanuts and watching evening TV.  A Tylenol commercial is on.  She knocks over the peanut bowl, scaring her cat.  The cat wails and jumps onto the curtains, tries to climb up, but only knocks them down onto a mantle.  A vase on the mantle is knocked over and rolls to the end and falls off onto the handle of the fireplace shovel, which soars across the room crashing through the fish tank.  The water in the fish tank splashes all over the room onto the surge protector.  Once the surge protector gets wet all the appliances in the room begin to burst.  The air conditioner bursts out of the window through the roof of a car parked outside of her building.  The car alarm begins to sound.  A narrator informs "Your next headache might be a big one. New Tylenol ultra relief for tough headaches and migraine pain."


Agency: MacLaren McCann Andy Manson and Kerry Reynolds, creative directors; Robert Kingston, art director; Wade Hesson, copywriter; Sarah Michener, producer Production Company: The Partners� Film Company Steve Chase, director; Don McLean, executive producer; Link York, producer; Barry Peterson, DP Editorial: Panic & Bob, Toronto David Baxter, editor Postproduction: Notch Billy Ferwerda, colorist

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