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AirTran's "Conference Call/Last Minute"


Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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An office full of workers has gathered at a long conference table around a phone because their boss has called a last minute conference call "to improve their bottom line."  One of the workers is silently, but animated acting out mocking gestures to the boss's statements, feeling safe as the meeting is by phone.  The boss then says "This isn't a conference call Hinkle, I am actually in the room."  The worker falls still in horror.  The scene switches to a soaring plane "Feel like surprising a few people?"  an announcer asks.  Displayed on the screen are the words "Low fares.  Even at the last minute.  AirTran."


Agency: Cramer-Krasselt Scott Wild, creative director; John Carstens, creative director/copywriter; Mel Kreilein, art director; Ben Latimer, producer Production Company: Anonymous Content Patrick Sherman, director; Tappas Blank, executive producer; Michael Haldane, producer; Emmanual Lubezki, DP Editorial: Mad River Post | San Francisco Jay Herda, editor; Janie Ford, producer Postproduction: Optimus Craig Russell, colorist Visual Effects: Optimus Marco Markewycz, Amy Davis, visual effects artists; Brian Rulapaugh, Jeremy Stuart, graphic artists Audio: Optimus Bruce Lase, audio post mixer

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