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PBS's "Science Lineup"


Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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The commercial begins with an animated scene with a thin wiry man with glasses sitting in front of a TV.  The PBS Symbol appears and begins to speak to him about his interest in science.  As he speaks scientific symbols such as cartoon space ships, DNA and animals race across the screen.  The programs Nova, Scientific American Frontiers, and Nature float across the screen followed by animated graphics of their suject. The commercial informs the viewer that PBS is "cooking up the best science on TV.  It is ok to be smart, just don't let it go to your head.  PBS."


Agency: PBS Marketing Group John Ruppenthal, creative director; Eric Yeater, writer; Derrick Chamlee, art director; Kevin Lahr, producer Production Company: Bent Image Lab Pascal Campion, director/animation artist; Ray Di Carlo, executive producer; Anthony Greene, producer; Chad Essley, Eric Kilkenny, Rob Shaw, animation artists Editorial: Bent Image Lab Steve Miller, offline/online editor Postproduction: Bent Image Lab Steve Balzer, Orland Nutt, After Effects/composite artists Audio: Digital One Eric Stolberg, audio post mixer/sound designer

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