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Malibu Film Festival's "Karl"


Wednesday, Feb. 1, 2006


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Seagulls fly screeching over a crashing coast of dark blue water covered by a brilliant orange and red sky.  A man is walking along the shore.  He grunts in thought as the camera pans around him showing his shadowed silhouette from several angels.  He walks towards the ocean.  The surf rushed up over his bare ankles.  He keeps walking in deeper.  His grunting, in the tone and voice of Billy Bob Thornton in Sling Blade, quickens to conform to the Jaws theme song.  You then see a shark fin close to this man who is now up to his neck in ocean.  The silhouette of his head sticks out of the water looking around for the shark.  "Malibu Film Festival, bringing great films together"  appears over the ocean to close the scene.     


Production Company: Angel Films Inc. Steve Elam, director/writer; Veronica Beach, executive producer; Grayce Elam, producer; Justin Chefe, DP Editorial: HQ Editorial, Venice,King Cut Chris Whiffen, editor,Kelly McClean, editor Postproduction: King Cut,Company 3 Los Angeles Aaron Neitz, online editor,Dave Hussey, colorist Music: Hest & Kramer James Weber, composer/arranger; Bob Hest, executive producer Audio: Audiobanks Dona Richardson, audio post mixer


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