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Comcast high speed Internet's "Dance"


Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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The commercial is set in a senior citizens' dance club with DJ, an older man in a powder blue ruffle tuxedo.  In the dance an old couple dances in the style of the music that is played.  The DJ plays the record "Dial-Up" which is a very slow ballad.  He then plays DSL which is more like elevator jazz.  Finally he plays "Comcast high speed Internet" a fast-paced hip-hop rap style song.  The commercial ends with the exclamation "Its Comcastic!" 


Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Jamie Barrett, partner/creative director; Tyler Hampton and Paul Foulkes, associate creative directors; Dan Rollman, copywriter; Stefan Copiz, art director; Jennie Lindstrom, producer. Production Company: Plum Productions Jake Schreier, director; Max Goldman, DP; Shelby Sexton, executive producer; David McGinley, line producer. Shot on location in Los Angeles. Editorial: Umlaut Films Jean Kawahara, editor; Peter Johnson and Doug Brown, assistant editors; Gina LoCurico, executive producer. Postproduction: Sea Level Visual Effects,Frithioff Film to Video, Stockholm,The Syndicate Jim Bohn, online editor.,,Bob Curreri, colorist. Visual Effects: GSP Motion Graphics Randall Stowell, creative director; Kirsten Ritschel, designer; Steve DeLuca, animator. Music: Ego Entertainment Audio: Eleven Jeff Fuller, mixer.

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