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Johnny Walker Scotch's "Keep Walking"


Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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A picture is shown of a medieval fight.  The fight scene then turns to animation.  The camera zooms into a knight who is fighting.  A folk singer begins singing "which side are you on boy?" and he leaves the battle scene.  The knight glides through a picnic where he gives some confused picnickers his helmet.  He then faces a one-eyed giant that he rides to a magic door.  Opening the magic door he is transported back out of his imagination.  The viewer sees a museum with paintings off all the scenes the knight has just passed through displayed.  The words "Keep Walking, Johnny Walker" are displayed.


Agency: Bartle Bogle Hegarty, London John Hegarty, creative director; Justin Moore, art director; Steve Robertson, copywriter; Alice Peppiatt, producer Production Company: Aardman Animations Production Company/Animation Studio: Bobby Proctor, Pat Gavin directors; John Woolley, executive producer; Fred de Bradeny, production manager; Stephanie Shaw, production coordinator. Peter James, DP; Sergio Delfino, Shaun Magher, Mark Williams, Adam Cootes, Bram Ttwheam, supervising animators; Williams, Cootes, Pascale Bories, Henry Lutman, Tom Gavin, animators; Lutman, Cootes, Ttwheam, Mikey Ford, Tom Lord, Jay Clarke, Steve Roberts, modelers; Tom Downes, Philip Child, technical directors Editorial: Aardman Animations Dan Williamson, editor

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