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VW's "Alarm Clock"


Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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The commercial is set in a Chinese setting including houses and green lawns with Chinese music in the background.  Large red symbol-like letters introduce "the new Beatle vs. an alarm clock."  The alarm clock goes off.  The camera zooms into the headlights of a new Volkswagen Beatle.  Suddenly the alarm clock explodes.  A gong sounds and the words "Goodness Prevails" appear above the shiny red Beatle.  A narrator directs the viewer to ""  The commercial ends with the demand "Drivers Wanted.  VW."


Agency: arnold | Boston Ron Lawner, chief creative officer; Alan Pafenbach, executive creative director; Dave Weist, creative director; Colin Jeffery, creative director/copywriter; Jen Wells, art director; Susan Ebling Corbo, copywriter; Jen Wrentmore, producer; Ben Salsky, assistant producer. Production Company: Brand New School Jonathan Notaro and Jens Gehlhaar, directors; Stefan Czapsky, DP; Jared Libitsky, executive producer; Ellen Stafford, producer; Robert Fox, production designer. Shot on stage at Fox Studios, Los Angeles. Editorial: Lost Planet Paul Martinez, editor. Postproduction: The Syndicate Beau Leon, colorist. Visual Effects: Brand New School Craig Houcin, producer; Dickson Chow, VFX artist/3-D artist; Alan Latteri, Flame artist; Helder Sun, stop-motion photographer; Kevin Glick, stop-motion animator; Allessandro Thompson, stop-motion artist. Music: Ten Music The Transcenders, composer; Sarah Gavigan, creative director; Rachel Dunn, executive producer; Nicole

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