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Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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A man runs across the street to catch a bus in the rain.  When he looks up to climb onto the bus, the view can see his face is very swollen and distorted.  He looks like a monster. He grunts as he attempts to breath. As the man climbs onto the bus and walks down the aisle, other passengers move away from him and stare in horror.  An old lady takes pity on him and hands him a packet of Theraflu Thin Strips.  He immediately takes one.  The bus stops and he climbs off a normal looking man.  The commercial ends with the words "Theraflu Thin Strips. Good to be back" appearing on the bus's wet windshield.  


Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Tony Granger, chief creative officer; Joe Pompeo, group creative director; Rob Lenois, senior copywriter; Rob Perillo, senior art director; Sheldon Levy senior VP/associate director of broadcast production. Production Company: Believe Media Albert Kodagolian, director/DP; Liz Silver, Luke Thornton and Gerard Cantor, executive producers; Chris Crawford, producer; Donna Bartek, production supervisor. Shot on location in Rio de Janeiro. Editorial: Cosmo Street Steve Bell, editor; Robert Hooman, assistant editor; Maura Woodward and Karen Hennegan, producers. Postproduction: Company 3 New York Billy Gabor, colorist. Visual Effects: Method,WCT Productions Toby Brockhurst and Matt Reilly, VFX artists; Gerald Zecker, assistant; Colleen Garvey, producer; Luis Ribeiro, executive producer; Connie Griffin, managing director.,Bill Terezakis, prosthetic designer/special effects makeup artist; Maureen Chan, Coner McCullagh, special effects makeup artists Sound Des

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