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Bright Start's "Lab"


Monday, Jan. 30, 2006


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A college chemistry professor is lecturing a practical course on thermodynamics.  In this lab he is demonstrating the principles with a demonstration.  He instructs the student to add a green liquid to a blue on "and light up your Bunsen burners."  The camera then pans towards the floor where young child looks up tells a college-aged student in the class "I am not supposed to play with matches."  The Bright Start logo appears over the scene as a narrator informs the view that "your kids will be in college sooner that you think. Bright Start will help get you ready."  The college student lights his burner as the young child peers up over the table-top.  The commercial ends with the contact information displayed above the scene.  


Agency: Chicago Creative Partnership Don Nelson, creative director; Chris Tomczak, senior art director; Don Dunbar, senior copywriter; Steve Ross, director of broadcast production Production Company: Ebel Productions, Inc. Bill Ebel, director; Jason Schettler, executive producer; Kathleen Hurley, producer; David Kessler, DP Editorial: The Filmworkers' Club, Chicago Jeff Charatz, editor Postproduction: The Filmworkers' Club, Chicago Michael Mazur, colorist Audio: Chicago Recording Company Stan Oda, audio post engineer

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