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Sony's "Pass"


Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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A young boy is sitting outside on a dusty hill.  He sees something being thrown to him, jumps up, and catches an oval Portable PlayStation (PSP).  He and throws it to three men hanging out near their cars . They catch it, use it for a minute, and then toss it to a man playing basketball.  The player catches it, uses it and throws it to a boy arguing with his girlfriend.  She grabs it and tosses it to be caught by a convertible car full of men.  They toss it and the original boy catches it as he is walking away from where he was sitting.  He begins to play as he walks away.


Agency: TBWA/Chiat/Day, Inc Jerry Gentile, creative director; Brett Craig, associate creative director/copywriter; Doug Mukai, associate creative director/art director; Anh-Thu Le, producer. Production Company: Believe Media Jan Vogel and Rene Villar-Rios, directors/DPs; Freya Bardeli, production designer; Liz Silver, Gerard Cantor and Luke Thornton, executive producers; Hani Selim, producers. Shot on location in Los Angeles. Editorial: Venice Beach Editorial Bill Chessman, editor. Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles Stefan Sonnenfeld, colorist; Missy Papageorge, producer. Visual Effects: Zoic Studios John Shirley, visual effects artist. Music: Elias Arts Ben Kahle, composer. Audio: RavensWork Eric Ryan, mixer.

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