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Comcast/PBS KIDS's "Tall"


Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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A very tall man on an evening airplane flight is trying to maneuver himself to the lavatory.  He has trouble standing because of the overhead bins.  He has trouble getting down the aisle because he is so large other people can't get around him.  Other passengers are giving him disapproving glances.  A little girl sitting in his row says to him "It's not easy being green."   The song its not easy being green is then played.  A narrator then introduces "If you share it with your kids, they will share it with the world.  PBS Kids' Sprout.  Preschool TV round the clock."


Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Jamie Barrett, partner/creative director; Stephen Goldblatt, art director; Al Kelly, copywriter; Cindy Epps, producer. Production Company: Supply & Demand Jeffery Plansker, director; Kyle Kibbe, DP; Tim Case, executive producer/managing partner; Dana Garman, executive producer/managing director; Simon Barrett, producer. Shot on stage at Air Hollywood, Segundo, Calif. Editorial: hutchco technologies Jim Hutchins, editor; Paul Rui, assistant editor. Postproduction: Company 3 Los Angeles Steve Rodriguez, colorist. Audio: Lime Studios Loren Silber, mixer.

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