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Ad Council/The National Center For Missing And Exploited Children's "Places"


Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2006


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This commercial shows scenes where you would find children.  These scenes are portrayed in a dark serious light making them seem sinister.  In a playground in late afternoon an empty merry-go-round slowly turns.  Leaves blow around a deserted playing field.  A bike stands alone in a secluded alley.   A concerned voice then asks the viewer "To the list of places where you might find sexual predators, add this one."  A child is shown playing on the internet.   The information is then given that "Last year 1 in 5 children was sexually solicited online."   The viewer is then directed to "" to "help delete online predators."


Agency: Merkley + Partners Andy Hirsch and Randy Saitta, creative directors; Mike MacNeil, associate creative director; Chuck Borghese, senior copywriter; Jason McQuoid, art director; Alex Kobak, producer Production Company: Aero Film Henrik Hanson, director/DP; Lance O�Connor, executive producer; Jim Maniolas, producer Editorial: Version2 Editing/VFX/Design Lin Polito, editor; Linda Rafoss, executive producer; Cary Flaum, producer Postproduction: Company 3 New York Ken Masick, colorist Audio: Version2 Editing/VFX/Design Justin Hopfer, audio post mixer/sound designer

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