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Learn To Listen


Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2006


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A man, whose face is concealed under the brim of his dark hat, sits in a chair with his head lowered.  The scene is in shades of gray and black cut by clear bright water.  He pours water into a clear glass next to the chair.  The water tumbles into the glass evolving many air bubbles.  A final drop drips off the rim of the man's bottle into the glass, disrupting the surface of the liquid.  He listens to the sounds the water makes.  He turns his face upwards and the viewer can see his eyes are pure white; he is blind.  The screen goes black and the white words "Learn to listen" appear.  Then the commercial concludes with the words "Bang & Olufsen."


Agency: Bang & Olufsen Tim Snape, art director; Matt Fee, copywriter Production Company: Godman Films The Shammasian Brothers (Ludwig and Paul), directors/editors; Ed Sayers, Dan Sayers, executive producers; Natalie Taylor, producer; Karl Watkins, DP Postproduction: One Post Simone Grattarola, colorist Visual Effects: One Post Dave Child, head of 3D; Richie White, compositor Audio: Adelphoi Music Andrew Sherriff, audio mixer/sound designer

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