Monday, March 19, 2018
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Coke's "The Spirit of Euro"




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Carlos Lascano of Bent Image Lab directed this mixed-media spot in which a crazed soccer fan dressed in red and white Coca-Cola colors flies a giant football shoe that runs on bottles of Coke and spews out a refreshing exhaust of carbonated bottles in the shape of soccer balls. The bubbles shower the city, transforming its residents into fun loving crazy soccer fans. Agency is Santo with offices in Buenos Aires, London and Milan.


Client: Coca-Cola; Agency: Santo, Buenos Aires, London, Milan. Sebastian Wilhelm, executive creative director/copywriter; Maximiliano Anselmo, executive creative director/art director; Pablo Minces, creative director/copywriter; Juan Pablo Lufrano, copywriter; Leando Sussman, executive producer; Nadia Lozano, producer; Production Company: Bent Image Lab; Carlos Lascano, director/production designer/character designer; Ray Di Carlo, exec producer; David Daniels, creative partner; Marissa Weisman, producer; Paula Lema, Louise Barlow, Kevin Sullivan, line producers; Joshua Cox, technical director/CG rigger; Javier Leon, CG art director; Eric Scheur, lead animator; Austin Hillebrecht, Michael Wilson, Ryan Hayford, Jim Donovan, Anthony Soto, animators; Shirak Agresta, CG artists; Donielle Blanc, CG artist/CG rigger; Isabel Garcia Jaen, Alvaro Gasco, Omar Sarmiento, modeling/texturing; Gina Burgess, CG artist-modeling/texturing-CG rigger; Arantxa Claudio, Libor Batek, Martin Licko, Josef Kasal, Pavel Siska, Frantisek Stepanek, Dan Falta, modeling; Shirak Agresta, modeling/CG rigger; Patrick Dorris, Daryn Olson, Paul Hormis, CG rigger; Colin Batty, Jesse McManus, character designers; Abbey Paccia, character designer/2D artist; Dave Manuel, Stephen Bodin, Sally Sherwood, 2D artists; Nate Hallinan, matte painter; Cameron Carson, lead compositor; Evan Phillips, Chris Russo, compositors; Shawn Wight, lead editor; Liam Gillies, Brent Heise, editors; Jalal Jemison, colorist; Jim Birkett, elements DP; Nathanael Horton, Jacqueline Fitzgerald, Eryn Murrie, production coordinators; Music: Cake; Andrew Casher, exec producer; Gogol Bordelo, music; "Let's Get Crazy" (Coca Cola UEFA Euro 2012 Anthem) Audio: Limbocker Studios, Portland Lance Limbocker, sound designer/mixer.

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