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180LA, House of Colors Team On UNICEF's "Unfairy Tales: The Next Chapter--Malak"


Robert Goldrich
Monday, Dec. 26, 2016


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Agency 180LA and animation studio House of Colors have teamed on two new global films that tell the stories of refugee children to support UNICEF’s commemoration of 70 years of work for children. The animated films--an extension of the award-winning Unfairy Tales series--are intended to help break down discrimination and encourage viewers to feel empathy for the millions of children across the world who are living as refugees. 

Unfairy Tales: The Next Chapter--Mustafa and Unfairy Tales: The Next Chapter--Malak are follow-up films to the original, award-winning animated films released in March 2016 that feature true stories of child refugees Malak and Mustafa. Their harrowing journeys from Syria, the horror they fled and the challenges they faced when they reach the end of their journeys serve as reminders that acts of kindness and a helping hand are paramount to the successful transition of children in their new communities. The original March 2016 release, the Malak and the Boat short, topped SHOOT’s Best of The Best Work You May Never See gallery in 2016, as well as our 2016 lineup of VFX/Animation Chart entries.

More than half a billion people have heard the stories of Malak and Mustafa through earned media for the first two original films across 176 countries, widening exposure and perspectives to the issue. The campaign has garnered more than 30 awards around the world, including the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Good. 

Now Unfairy Tales: The Next Chapter shorts show us what has since happened to Malak and Mustafa. Eduardo Marques, executive creative director at 180LA, said, “We’re happy to share they’ve found new homes in Germany, but we all need to be reminded that these kids need to be welcomed into their new community and no act of kindness is too small.” 

The new films have launched on UNICEF’s social channels, including Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat. The series forms part of UNICEF’s #actofhumanity global initiative encouraging people to show acts of humanity towards refugees and migrant children and young people.


Client UNICEF Agency 180LA William Gelner, chief creative officer, Michael Allen, CEO; Rafael Rizuto, Eduardo Marques, executive creative directors; Dave Cuccinello, David Povill, creative directors; Natasha Wellesley, director of integrated production; Jason Lau, art and content producer; Ryan Schmidt, digital producer. Animation Studio House of Colors  Adhemas Batista, designer-director; Andre Holzmeister, script & director/CGI; Adhemas Batista, Andre Holzmeister, visual direction; Jonathan Marshall, Andre Holzmeister, Adhemas Batista, character design; Jonathan Marshall, Adhemas Batista, concept art and storyboards; Ricardo Almeida, Guilherme Neder, animatic; Luiz Abud, project manager; Rodrigo Augusto, render wrangler. Rendering sponsored by: RebusFarm GmbH/Reederservice. Editorial Melvin Editorial Dave Groseclose, editor; Brian Scharwath, postproduction manager. Sound Design/Music Hefty Audio Edu Lake, Elisa Gatti. Audio Mixing/Sound Design Therapy Studios Eddie Kim, mix; Eddie Kim, Justin Lebens, sound design; Brandon Kim, audio assistant; Joe DiSanto, exec producer; Allegra Bartlett, head of production.

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