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180 Amsterdam, Blink "Pass It On" For Amstel Russia


Robert Goldrich
Friday, Jul. 8, 2016


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Agency 180 Amsterdam created this :60 TV spot for Amstel Russia. Titled “Pass It On” and directed by Bjoern Ruehmann of Blink Productions in London, the commercial represents the start of the Serious About Beer and Friendship campaign, celebrating the spirit of friendship, which has existed ever since the beer was created by two friends in 1870. It is the first major piece of work for Heineken Russia to be created by 180 Amsterdam since winning the business in a competitive pitch, in late 2015.
Breaking across Russia starting this month, “Pass It On” is set in a timeless European village, rich in characters, humanity and charm.  It depicts a group of friends ordering an Amstel for their absent friend and passing it along to him, via a chain of assorted townspeople on foot, bike, car, truck and boat. 
Al Moseley, president and CCO, 180 Amsterdam, commented, “This is the sort of project that 180 Amsterdam loves. Getting under the skin of our audience with extensive research into the importance of friendship within Russian culture and turning that into a beautiful and charming campaign that elevates the brand to a new level.”


Client Amstel–Heineken Russia Agency 180 Amsterdam Al Moseley, president/chief creative officer; Dan Treichel, Dave Canning, executive creative directors; Edward Ryder, art director; Francesco Grandi, copywriter; Bethany Papenbrock, executive producer; Ben Armistead, planner. Production Blink Productions, London Bjoern Ruehmann, director; Justin Brown, DP; Patrick Craig, producer; Ben Sharpe, exec producer; Steve Summersgill, production designer. Editorial Trim, London Thomas Grove Carter, editor; Jemma Daniel, Harriet Cawley, producers. Online Edit Electric Theatre Collective Serena Noorani, producer. Finishing/VFX/Telecine Cheat, London Toby Tomkins, colorist; Lily Cleasby, producer. Music/Sound Soundtree Luis Almau, composer; Henning Knoepfel, sound designer.


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