Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Yessian Music

  • Clear's "Butoh—Bridezilla"

    Clear's "Butoh—Bridezilla"

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    Yessian Music handled music and sound design for this piece which shows us the stress of dandruff sparked by planning a wedding, with Clear being an antidote

    By: Robert Goldrich

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    10 months ago 

    Clear's "Butoh—Br...

    10 months ago 


  • MAN's "Projection"

    MAN's "Projection"

    Professional stunt drivers put the Mann van through its paces in strikingly visual, visceral fashion in this piece driven by a score from Yessian Music.

    By: Robert Goldrich

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    1 year ago 

    MAN's "Projection...

    1 year ago 


  • One World Observatory/Legends' "See Forever" (Immersive A/V experience at One World Trade Center, NYC)

    One World Observatory/Legends' "See Forever" (Immers...

    Yessian Music created this cinematic sound experience in cooperation with The Hettema Group and Legends for the recently opened One World Observatory (OWO) a

    By: Robert Goldrich

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    2 years ago 

    One World Observatory/Legen...

    2 years ago 


  • Otto's "Selfmade"

    Otto's "Selfmade"

    With the best of intentions, a man looks to build with his own two hands a gift for his son.

    By: Robert Goldrich

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    3 years ago 

    Otto's "Selfmade&...

    3 years ago