Tuesday, April 24, 2018

September 2017 Music Survey - Eryk Rich

1) What was the biggest creative challenge posed to you by a recent project? Tell us about the project, why the challenge was particularly noteworthy or gratifying to overcome, or what valuable lesson you learned from it. *

2) What work in 2017 are you most proud of and why? Or what work (advertising or entertainment)--your own or others--has struck a responsive chord with you this year and why? *

3) How has your role--or that of your business or company--evolved over the years? What do you like most about that evolution? What do you like least? *

4) What trends, developments or issues would you point to thus far in 2017 as being most significant, perhaps carrying implications for the rest of the year and beyond?

5) What’s your take on the potential of VR/AR in terms of business and creative opportunities? What have you done in the emerging fields of VR and/or AR? What’s been the biggest learning curve (nuances of spatial sound, etc.) in this arena?

Eryk Rich
Music Supervisor

1) The most challenging project I’ve worked on recently was our VW Atlas campaign launch where we licensed Simon & Garfunkel’s “America.” Not only did we license the original master but we executed 6 re-records of the song. That in itself is a challenge, especially when dealing with such a great song. You really have to flip it upside down creativity and change things to put your own fingerprint on such an iconic piece.

2) VW’s “America” spot for the launch of the VW Atlas takes the top spot. This was a tremendous effort by both our creative team and VW client to come together and make something absolutely stunning. We licensed Simon & Garfunkel’s “America” to enhance a great piece of creative. It was beautiful storytelling with an incredible song to accent the visuals. Up to this point in my career, this is my most proud moment.

3) My role here at the agency evolves on a daily basis. Our clients are always on the forefront of creativity and with that comes a need to constantly explore artists in the music space. No two days, spots or briefs are the same and we always need to roll with the punches so to speak. We are in such a great spot creatively here at Deutsch that adapting with the industry comes natural to us.

4) I think the biggest development in the music space is the accessibility and amount of music that comes out on a daily basis. It’s definitely challenging to keep up with the massive amount of music being released constantly. As far as music searching goes, it has become the wild west as far as process and finding tracks as it is so accessible these days. I don’t know if there are any implications here, but more of learning to adapt in the given environment and finding the best workaround to find/source the best and most current music all the time.