ZIG, a new technology that collects and delivers entertainment content directly to mobile devices, launches today promising users real-time customized pop culture news literally at your fingertips. ZIG scans what a user engages with across social media and then creates a personalized algorithm that organizes all pop culture news into one place in real time. This unique feed is curated specifically for the user. ZIG allows users to read everything from every source as it's published all in one place. The app also is a win-win for publishers as it drives traffic back to their sites, generating page views and ad sales. ZIG is available now for iPhone and launches on Android in August 2016.

Check out the new app here: www.zig.com.

“ZIG saves you from the daily grind of content hunting and gathering,” said ZIG Founder and CEO Joshua James. “Rather then consuming content from place to place and looking at headlines to try to find something you care about, ZIG knows what you care about and brings it all to you in real-time, in one place.”

“People are overwhelmed by choice and tired of poorly constructed sites with tons of pop up ads,” said ZIG’s Head of Content Sasha Cohen. “They don't want to search the Internet for stories they don't even know about yet. They want a simple, easy to consume format that brings everything they are interested in, straight to them, in one place.”  

Check out a short promo clip for the app here: https://youtu.be/-nR5WQ_syS8

The new application also features the ZIG Score, a proprietary metric that quantifies public engagement with celebrities. The ZIG Score tracks what users engage with across all published content, giving ZIG the unique ability to rate and rank current popular celebrities in an unprecedented way.

About ZIG
Founded by tech entrepreneurs Joshua James and John Tornow, ZIG is an independent technology company based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and its management team includes former Olympic skating legend Sasha Cohen, who is Head of Content. ZIG is a new leader in the ongoing content revolution, offering a proprietary application that scans users social media accounts at on-boarding to create a personalized algorithm that sorts through approximately 20,000+ pieces of online content published each day on the Internet and pulls out the most useful content. ZIG also includes the ZIG Score, which measures user engagement with any specific topic, person or event and grades them with a quantified rating. For more information please visit http://www.zig.com