Jeske's :30 script, “Introductions” for Land Rover was selected as the top script in an especially competitive year that saw hundreds of entries from agency copywriters representing 4 countries.  Highlighting the way radio can cleverly setup a punch line, Jeske's script subtly reveals the impressive size of the new Land Rover LR4 as the radio audience listens-in on seven gentlemen introducing themselves to one other as they depart on a road trip.  

"OK, Everybody in?  You guys all know each other, right?", says the driver of the new SUV as he gives his friends a chance to introduce themselves, beginning a humorously never-ending cast of characters stating their names.  The point of realization in the punch line directly follows, as the announcer says "The seven-passenger LR4, from Land Rover.  Above and beyond."

Oink Ink’s Dead Radio Contest is in its 16th year. The worldwide competition is meant to give a second chance to great radio scripts that clients deemed too risky, too zany—or simply the wrong fit at the time. Oink Ink solicits submissions from writers around the world, and a panel of industry professionals judges the top spots. The grand prize winner is treated to a trip to either Oink Ink’s New York City or Santa Monica, California offices, where they enjoy a 2-night hotel stay and the experience of participating in the full casting and production of their winning script.

Several previous winners have seen clients change their minds about the rejected scripts upon hearing the produced spot—in some cases, actually deciding to air it. A handful of Dead Radio winners have even gone on to earn recognition at the Radio Mercury Awards and Cannes.

Winner Andrew Jeske, a native New Yorker, collaborated on the recording and production of “Introductions”. The spot features a British voiceover and seven actors, representing the passenger size of the Land Rover LR4.

“This spot was officially declared dead quite a long time ago,” said Jeske, “but I never gave up hope that it might again see the light of day. So I’m grateful to the folks at Oink for giving it this shot at reincarnation.  I guess the old saying is true: Old scripts never die, they just gather dust in a drawer for years and years and years until you’ve given up all hope and then someone finally recognizes your genius and the damn thing gets produced.”

(Update: Andrew recently left Y&R and is now a Creative Director at Havas Worldwide, New York.)

 Hear “Introductions.”