Award-winning music production company Yessian Music has created an unforgettable cinematic sound experience in cooperation with The Hettema Group and Legends for the newly opened One World Observatory. The fully immersive audio/visual experience encompasses the entrance lobby, hallways, elevators, theater, interactive displays and general area sound for the observation decks.

One World Trade Center is now the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere boasting the fastest elevators in the world. Yessian Music was brought on as the creative audio consultant to design the sound for the observatory experience starting from the ground floor through to the 102nd floor. Each part of the experience was treated with original music scoring, sound design, voice dialogue and completed with a fully integrated multi-channel onsite mix at the venue.

To create a sonic palette that would resonate with a diverse global audience but still giving it a New York spin, Yessian enlisted a team of composers, sound designers and mixers that would bring the project to life in an exciting and emotional way. The music was created in a way that would capture the pulse of the city. Distinct sounds, musical styles and beats were all researched for months to integrate the heart and soul of NYC into the overall experience.

“The music and sounds we created had to be 100% authentic in this project.” Says Brian Yessian, CCO of Yessian Music and the lead project manager for the OWO experience. “We spent months on the streets of New York recording everyday life from the parks to the waterfront to the subways to various streets and avenues in different parts of town for our internal research. The city has a natural pulse to it and it’s infectious. I feel like it inspires everyone living or visiting this place to move forward. It really is the city that never sleeps!”

The audio creation for the project took place over 1 ½ years integrating with all the visual media companies involved. “We had a pretty large task in that we were creating audio for various film companies, developing an overlying melodic theme and then incorporating those themes across multiple platforms from films to environments to interactive displays. It was one of the most challenging projects we have ever been apart of, and in the end, the most rewarding.” said Yessian.

He went on to explain that, for each section of the experience, the tonality of the sound evolved. The areas tie in to one another with an over-arching theme that represents the full attraction. The welcome map area includes background audio to set an inviting tone as people first arrive mixed with integrated sound design correlating with movements on the map. The “Voices” of the building walk-through is an audio/visual story that connects the visitors in a very personal way to the people that took part in constructing the WTC. From there the journey continues through the “Foundations” area which gives people a view of the bedrock that supports the tower combined with audio that sets the mood of the cavernous space. The elevator ride up takes visitors from 1600’s New York to present day in 45sec, with the city building up around you with a fully sound designed audio experience. Once at the top people are ushered into the See Forever theater where they experience a film montage on New York City life backed my a magnificent music score and finished off with a stunning reveal of the NYC skyline.

Throughout the observation deck there are music scores and interactive kiosks that tie in the main melodic themes. Finally the elevator ride down is something out of the movie Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’s glass elevators offering a full aerial view of One World Trade with a full orchestral music score. “People are going to be surprised and in aw of the See Forever Theater and Elevator experience.” said Yessian “It’s like nothing I have ever experienced anywhere in the world.”

The One World Observatory is now open to the public and will quickly become New York City’s most popular tourist attraction.


About Yessian
Yessian Music has offices and studios in Detroit, New York, Los Angeles and Hamburg, Germany, with about 30 employees and over a hundred freelancers. Brian Yessian, CCO, and Michael Yessian, Head of Production, have taken the company to an international level working on projects around the globe.

Recent company successes include co-arranging and producing the NBC "Sunday Night Football" opener, featuring the on-camera performance by Carrie Underwood and promos for NBC shows, “The Blacklist” and “The Voice”. It was also responsible for the music for multiple advertisements during the last several Super Bowls. The company has written and produced countless music tracks for Coke, Ford, Ikea, L'Oreal, Disney and many more companies, both in the U.S and overseas, as well as for theme parks including Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, Universal Studios Singapore and Wanda Movie Park in Wuhan, China. More information is available on their website,