Yessian has given the new Mini Cooper F56 a new Soundtrack.  During the past month Yessian helped record and create the music + sound design for the Final Test Drive campaign via BSSP in Sausalito.

As they say, Hell hath no fury like a wicked soundtrack and undeniable sound design - nothing could be truer when it comes to this campaign launch. 

Renowned for their intense and highly produced visuals & creative approach, BSSP + Mini + TOOL of NA + Yessian took this year’s campaign to a new level. 

Real Mini drivers put the car to the test via Eleven x :30- :90 second content pieces & broadcast spots.

Watch the Midnight Black Light #MINIFTTD and see them all at Mini USA's YouTube Page Here.  

Yessian was initially enlisted to produce original music & scores titled “Medieval”, “Coffee Cup”, “Vertigo”, “Auto vs. Manual”, “BlackLight Midnight”, “Sex Appeal” and an  “Anthem” spot, etc…  These films were all created for the internet with a couple of them being formatted for TV broadcast.  

Being able to provide the soundtrack to each of the Mini driver’s unique stories gave Yessian a creative opportunity to explore each spot in it’s entirety; whether it needed orchestral, rock, ambient or just sound design giving each content piece it’s own personality as told through the storyline of the music.

“It’s not often that you get to write so much music for this type of project that really encourages you & inspires you to take it to a variety of places musically. It was a great opportunity for us to push boundaries and we definitely had a lot of fun doing it,” says Yessian West Coast Executive Music Producer Dave Curtin.

The Mini Films for the “My Final Test Drive” campaign were directed by Erich Joiner of TOOL NA. Campaign's complete credits here.

About Yessian
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