Commercial production company Xenon has created a quartet of :30 spots – “Coach,”  “There is No Place Like Home,” “A Plan You Can Swear By” and “What’s Your Plan” -  developed through agency DeVito/Verdi (New York, NY) for Fallon Health (Worcester, MA).  “Coach” and “There is No Place Like Home” debuted regionally in the Springfield and Boston markets on February 2nd during the 48th Super Bowl.  “A Plan You Can Swear By” and “What’s Your Plan” launched February 16th.  To view the spots go to:

The campaign, which focuses on Fallon Health’s insurance and senior care solutions, showcases the company’s expertise in bridging the gap between the medical care that people require and the personal care that they want.

Xenon Director Christine Jeffs, known for the moving performances she elicits from her actors and her talents for storytelling and visual composition, said of the campaign: “These four spots came in a very short time frame. Flexibility and focusing on the core values through the storytelling, with very human poignant moments in the performances, were the key to keeping the feel fresh and specific for the brand.”

In “Coach,” a young athlete is called into her coach’s office to discuss a serious rumor - that she has been getting financial compensation for playing basketball.  Popping her gum and clutching her ball she admits “it’s true” as the voiceover intones “We will pay you to be healthy. Up to $400 back for being active, including playing a sport. Fallon Health Cares.”

“There’s No Place Like Home” features a series of seniors relaxing in the comfort of their homes while singing the lyrics to this classic tune  because “with  services like in-home care, Fallon Health is helping more people than ever spend their twilight years living in their own homes, which, quite frankly, is exactly where they belong.”

Xenon’s President/Executive Producer Doug Robbins stated: “This was a wonderful creative experience. The assignment was easy to embrace. Four DeVito/Verdi creative teams designed four independent concepts - each equally powerful and well-conceived - created to keep the aging population in this country independent and in their own homes. It was exciting to watch how completely Christine embraced each script. She made numerous contributions to each helping to bring their tender stories to life. Her talent in casting and understanding of environment made each spot become real and genuine. ”

Part two of the campaign has just rolled out.  With tender images of a mother and daughter interacting at various stages of their lives “What’s Your Plan?” asks, What’s your plan when the woman who bathed you, and rocked you to sleep, and sacrificed everything for you, can no longer take care of herself? Make sure it’s Fallon Health. She took care of you. Now it’s time to return the favor.”

In “Swear By” the announcer asks, “What would it take for you to actually ... like your health plan? What if one helped your mom live in her own home – instead of a nursing home? What if you could get $400 dollars back, just for exercising? And what if this health plan was consistently rated one of the best in the state? That’s Fallon. We hope you’ll think of it as a health plan you can swear by, instead of at.”

The Xenon creative team, in addition to Christine Jeffs and Doug Robbins, included Director of Photography John Toon and Producer John Mullins. The spots were filmed at a variety of locations in Los Angeles, CA.

Representing DeVito/Verdi were four creative teams: For “Coach,” John DeVito (CW) and Jason Rogers (AD); for “There’s No Place Like Home,” Rich Ostroff (CW) and Michael Vitiello (AD); for “A Plan You Can Swear By,” Rob Slosberg (CW) and Serge Machial (AD); and lastly, for “What’s Your Plan,” Barry Flanik (CW) and Manny Santos (AD). Barbara Michelson, Head of Production, produced the campaign and Robert Gibralter was the agency Account Executive.

Fallon Health was represented by Chief Communications Officer Christine Cassidy and Senior Director/Marketing Communications Bob Nolan. 

The editorial assignment was completed at Homestead Editorial (New York, NY) by Editors Charly Bender  (“Coach” and “What’s Your Plan”) and John Young (“No Place Like Home” and “Swear By”), and Producer Audrey Goss.

Rex Recker of Audio Engine (New York, NY) provided the audio recording and final mix for the spots.

Mike Howell of Color Collective (New York, NY) handled the color correction.

Fallon’s television campaign is supported by print, radio, digital and outdoor media ads.

About Xenon
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