The location scouting process for the film industry will forever be revolutionized with the launch of A free, user-driven community, Wrapal directly connects filmmakers who need locations to properties that want to make extra revenue by opening their doors to film shoots.

“As filmmakers, one of the toughest challenges we face is finding locations,” explains co-founder Brian L. Tan “BLT”. “The process is time-consuming and tedious. New scripts call for new locations, so it became a never-ending cycle of search after search.”

Since launching Iconic Films, his own Los Angeles-based production company, BLT has scoured the globe for diverse locations to shoot in, from Peru to the Philippines. While scouting for his latest film HOLDOUT, BLT had a light bulb moment, leading him to join forces with Melissa Nemcek (whom he had previously founded the UCLA Film & Photography Society with), Derek Sherwood and Aaron Weiss.

The partners set out to create Wrapal, a tool everyone can use. Unlike traditional location libraries, Wrapal is a free platform that puts property owners in complete control of their listing. Owners aren’t charged anything to list, nor are filmmakers to search.

The platform allows mangers and owners to autonomously list, promote, and book their properties, and interested filmmakers can contact them on the site with the click of a button. Wrapal generates revenue only from advertising and a 4% credit card processing fee if a filmmaker books the location through the site.

“We're not middle men, but matchmakers. We love making movies, and want to change the way they're made,” says BLT. “Think Airbnb or Uber for film.”

All locations are potential film sets, from modest studio apartments to military bases and opulent mansions.  Owners and managers can monetize a space when it is not in use and generate additional income for businesses that don’t operate 24 hours a day, such as bars, offices and retail. Publicity for businesses is an added bonus, and keeping productions close creates a boost for the local economy.

Wrapal launches with around 750 Los Angeles-based locations, with more added daily, and has also partnered with Lloyd's of London and New Empire Entertainment Insurance Services, Inc. to provide filmmakers access to $100,000 worth of third party property damage coverage for a flat rate of $99. The certificate is generated online immediately and covers the filmmakers for the duration of a booking, regardless of the property type. officially goes live on Friday, May 6th following the premiere and wrap party of Brian L. Tan’s HOLDOUT, along with the screening of several shorts, at The Crest Theater in Westwood at 8PM.

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