Twin brothers Matthew and Nathan Fackrell, known for their rich visual narratives imbued with a fond nostalgia for childhood imagination, are joining the Wondros collective of noted directors as the duo MEN. Their experience includes directing and writing for Nickelodeon’s hit children’s television show Yo Gabba Gabba (an episode of theirs was nominated for the 2014 Emmy® for Best Pre-School Series) as well as directing commercials and promos for companies including Nintendo, Adobe, Nokia, Stride Gum, Clorox, and Dreamworks Studios.

“As filmmakers we love to bring out the best in life’s experiences and were immediately drawn to Wondros’ incredible team whose similar vision, love for life and impeccable body of work helped make this an easy decision for us. We’re excited for this new adventure and humbled to be along side an incredible roster of directors and the amazing production team at Wondros,” says Matthew and Nathan Fackrell

Matthew and Nathan were raised in a small town among the Rocky Mountains. With a limited access to television they spent most of their childhood exploring nearby forests and hills, attending the local town cinema, and listening to their father’s vivid bedtime stories while imagining narratives with monsters, aliens, heroes and villains.

They soon acquired a Fisher Price tape recorder, which helped them to create these narratives and visualize them as plays, commercials and stories. Their growing admiration for filmmaking grew and they eventually graduated from Art Center College for Design with an MFA in broadcast cinema and jumped right into the industry.

To this day, MEN continue to look back on their childhood with fondness and use the inventiveness and nostalgia of those early years as an inspiration to develop an authentic and unique personal brand of imaginative storytelling.  

“MEN have a magical and earnest quality to their storytelling which clearly comes from deep within. Matt and Nathan are true gentlemen with a love of tradition and a childlike sense of play. These attributes come alive in their films and translate beautifully to the commercial landscape,” says Wondros’ Senior Executive Producer, Gina Zapata.

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