For more than 20 years, The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival, the premier international event of its genre, has drawn filmmakers, conservationists, innovative media creators and thought leaders  to a five-day industry conference hosted in the shadow of the Tetons. More than 650 international delegates will participate in an exceptional slate of leading-edge equipment presentations, seminars and state-of-the-art screenings.

This year’s conference will open with a three-day elephant conservation summit.

With an elephant killed every 15 minutes, the entire population of wild African elephants could be decimated in a decade at the current rate. Some 200 elephant conservation advocates will join the world’s most influential media stakeholders for an unprecedented opportunity to explore strategies to amplify the work underway to reduce global and domestic demand for ivory products while there is still time to save the species.

Recognizing the power of media to inspire wonder, catalyze change and make an impact in the world, the conference celebrates 60+ finalists selected from more than 1000 entries competing for 23 awards, this year. Considered the Oscars® of the nature and conservation genre, Jackson Hole Award winners will be announced at a gala celebration slated for October 1 at the Center for the Arts Theater.

Keynote speakers will include Lifetime Achievement honorees Iain Douglas-Hamilton, Cynthia Moss and Joyce Poole (recognized for their work in elephant science and conservation) and Howard and Michele Hall (honored for their work in underwater filmmaking). E.O. Wilson, Carl Safina, M. Sanjayan, Bryan Christie, Dan Kahan, Dereck & Beverly Joubert, Alan Rabinowitz and other luminaries in science, nature and conservation will be featured speakers as well as 80+ of the world’s leading media content creators and distributors.

A special program strand on the rapidly developing world of Virtual Reality will feature 20 leading innovators and early adaptors as nature media content creators explore how this immersive storytelling medium may be integrated to experience amazing wildlife and vast natural landscapes. The Jackson Hole WILD Festival will also reach into the community during the Festival, and present speakers and films to the from September 25th to October 3, 2015, at the Jackson Hole Center for the Arts.

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