With the growing buzz around Kickstarter, it’s no surprise that a wide variety of projects are funded through this platform. Warpaint director Sean Dunne takes Kickstarter funding to the next level, by using the platform to launch his provocative new documentary film, CAM GIRLZ.” The feature  follows a new trend in adult internet fare, focusing on girls that choose to work in the digital adult industry via web cams. The result is an intimate and thought provoking look at the world of these digital workers, raising important questions about modern sexuality.

Sean Dunne is no stranger to documentaries, with an award-winning lineup of documentary shorts under his belt, including “American Juggalo” and “The Bowler.” His debut documentary feature “Oxyana” premiered at the 2013 Tribeca Film Festival with Dunne taking home a win for “Best New Documentary Director.”

The documentary delves into the world of both the girls behind the web cams and their voyeuristic audience on the other side, with whom they build their dialogue. It takes a look at why these girls are in this line of work, as well as the mysterious men who are willing to pay for their services and the motivations behind both sides of the camera. In order to realize their vision of making this documentary the creators have set a pledge goal of reaching $65K by April 2nd.

The backers of this project, whether they are making minimal or large donations, will be rewarded for their donations with a variety of offerings ranging from complimentary digital downloads of the final doc for $5 or more to Executive Producer credits for larger donations upwards of $10,000.

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