Walker/Fitzgibbon TV & Film [WFTVF], in association with Omni Advertising, takes over highways across the U.S., filming running footage for Honda Associations’ “I Like It” campaign. Helmed by veteran Executive Producer Mo Fitzgibbon and her partner, Director/DP Robert W. Walker, the company was on a four-state, ten-city mission with a convoy of cops and 26 picture-perfect Honda vehicles of every model.

The concept was to show off Honda’s award-winning line against a backdrop of major landmarks in the featured cities across the country. The footage is currently being used in the ad agency's broadcast commercials  in each territory. WFTV has also created a series of behind-the-scenes webisodes that are featured in social media and on the agency and dealer group websites.

The shoot ranged from Miami to Orlando FL, then up through the eastern seaboard to Norfolk-Hampton Roads-Virginia Beach VA and on to Columbus OH before winding back to Florida’s Gold Coast, Tampa-St Petersburg-Clearwater.  The brilliant production team behind WFTVF included Directors of Photography Egon Stephan Jr. [Miami - Tampa], Jordy Klein [Orlando], Max Fischer [Norfolk-Hampton Roads-Virginia Beach] and Jeff Barklage [Columbus OH]. Producers Dawson Peden, Jeffrey Frizzell, Darryl Beckerleg, Cory Wills, Elizabeth Rutledge Overcast and Jonathan Chambers were the front-line power behind this massive production.

Behind the scenes, photographers and videographers Jonathan Franklin, Jeff Wills and Mark Emery - known for his work on Discovery and NatGeo - documented the arduous productions while traveling at high speeds on the camera cars, capturing incredible footage of the vehicles, crews and talent in action. Along with the camera cars, coverage in each city was shot on a minimum of two maxed-out RED ONE and EPIC-X camera packages, Enlouva and Techno Cranes, fully loaded and rigged with GOPROS.

Over a six-month period beginning in 2013 ending in 2014, Executive Mo Fitzgibbon plotted out the extravagant productions. She says, “Weather was an issue; we had to shut down a few times during hurricane season and then with fall and winter coming we were losing the leaves on the trees, so to speak! We had to keep moving. We lived for ACCU-WEATHER predictions. Our budget was very tight and we were bringing equipment and crews from all over the US.”

The production tour started fast and furious - covering South Florida's Miami-Ft. Lauderdale beaches, expressways and instantly recognizable South Beach area. Blessed with typically perfect weather, the crew completed not only running footage set against Key Biscayne, downtown Miami and Coconut Grove but a series of ultra-high-resolution beauty shots were captured of every vehicle, destined for glossy print ads and dealership collateral material.

The next stop for Walker/Fitzgibbon and Omni was the streets of steamy Orlando FL with co–production company Jordan Klein Film and Video. WFTVF Director/DP Robert W. Walker and DP Jordy Klein worked in sync with Producer/AD Darryl Beckerleg to navigate the highways, lakes, skyline and the well-known City of Orlando Downtown district.

As the summer rainstorms moved into West Virginia, the sun shone for the team while cruising through beautiful and historic Virginia Beach VA.  DP Max Fischer captured amazing scenic shots of the beach, national buildings, and military ships. Producer Jeffery Frizzell  of 44 Productions ran the production on military time as he battled through hectic situations on the roads of Norfolk, Hampton Beach and Virginia Beach in order to meet up with the battleships in the harbor for the Honda hero vehicle shots at sunset.  The Virginia Film Office, city officials and the townspeople welcomed the production. Providing top-notch escorts through the towns, the Virginia Beach Task Force made WFTVF and Omni feel like they owned the streets!

Columbus Ohio and Ohio State University made the Walker/Fitzgibbon team feel like absolute royalty.  DP Jeff Barklage shot the town from all sides with Honda vehicles in every frame. Producer Cory Wells of Skreeman Media strategically guided her team into rarely granted shooting locations at the Ohio Statue University Stadium Rotunda; Downtown Columbus; and quaint neighborhoods throughout the city; then on to the Honda manufacturing facility in Marysville.  Videographer Jeff Wills covered the behind the scenes.

The just-completed tour wrapped in Tampa-Clearwater-Saint Petersburg FL. WFTVF Director/DP Robert Walker, Cinevideotech DP Egon Stephan Jr., Production Manager, Elizabeth Rutledge Overcast and Assistant Director Jonathan Chambers, all long-time Floridians, knew how to shoot the city and what was needed to make it happen.  With a cast of seventeen actors, four cameras, a camera car and crane in tow, the production landed in an iconic beachfront park after filming running footage on the Gold Coast’s famous bridges and along the coastline. The team created a 360-degree set in the park with Honda vehicles lined up against a gorgeous blue sky and ocean background. Behind the scenes, DP Jonathan Franklin shot stunning eye-catching photographs and video of the entire production.

Production equipment houses from Miami, Chicago, Cincinnati, Richmond and Orlando assisted WFTVF with camera packages provided by CINEVIDEOTECH, GEARHEAD CAMERAS, BARKLAGE CINEMATOGRAPHY and JORDAN KLEIN VIDEO AND FILM.

Walker/Fitzgibbon TV and Film is an innovative, full-service Production Company based in Los Angeles CA. Experienced in producing and directing national commercials, music videos, television shows, specials, documentaries and digital media. The company’s clients include: NBC, FOX, ID DISCOVERY, LIFETIME, HBO, MTV, VH1, CMT, SONY TELEVISON, and SONY MUSIC. 

Walker/Fitzgibbon has received worldwide recognition for its top-of-the-line productions and has garnered countless awards including New York Film Festivals, Grammy nominations, Telly Awards, as well as numerous Gold and Silver Addys, Addy Award BEST OF SHOW (Primetime Emmy Consideration) and NCLR's ALMA Bravo Award for 'Outstanding Made for Television Documentary'. Along with their excellent production capabilities, they also have state-of-the-art postproduction with top-notch personnel. They are a hands-on group from concept to completion.

Check out the company website at www.walkerfitzgibbon.com or on Facebook or Vimeo.

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