Matt Checkowski, founder and creative director of the branded content company, The Department of the 4th Dimension (The D4D), will present at two conferences on Thursday, June 12: ScentWorld and PromaxBDA’s The Conference, both held in NYC. Matt Checkowski is an award winning storyteller and designer working at the intersection of narrative, technology and experiential media.

At ScentWorld (, the world’s largest scent and sensory marketing conference, Checkowski engages in a panel presentation about the power of multi-sensory experiences in marketing. Checkowski is known for developing the first pop-up scent museum The Sensorium: Lucid Dreams from the Sensory World, an interactive, multimedia experience designed to explore the emotions and instincts behind scent for Sephora and Firmenich. Go behind the scenes on the creation of The Sensorium here:

At PromaxBDA’s The Conference, Checkowski will present Dreams, Lies, and True Stories: What I've Learned As l Wander Through Media - My Speech In 23 Tweets. Increasingly we create in spaces where the old rules don't apply, where there are no playbooks. In the conference session, Checkowski faces the challenge head on, in a presentation about insights he’s acquired along the way, all in 23 tweets. The Conference 2014 is where the world’s most innovative creatives, marketers, strategists, and designers gather to give unprecedented insights about entertainment marketing.

Matt’s diverse body of work spans traditional and emerging media, from directing the feature film Lies & Alibis, to creating the dream sequences in Steven Spielberg’s Minority Report, live digital content for l’Opera de Monte-Carlo and branded documentary work featuring renowned artists, artisans and scientists. For more on Matt and The D4D, please visit @TheD4D @checkwowski