Earlier this summer, Google For Work used a variety of online and mobile media placements to debut three :15 video ads spotlighting IT decision makers. Conceived by Stinkdigital and directed by Vincent Lin of Valiant Pictures, each of the beautifully shot lifestyle spots features a different decision maker in a unique environment where solutions from Google for Work and Android are poignantly demonstrated. 

For example, "Choice" focuses on how Google for Work and Android maximize options for the use of devices and what's on them; the visual story and voiceover of "Foundation" address making jobs easier for everyone; and in "Impact," viewers can see how Google for Work and Android help maximize time in and away from the office. 

For Stinkdigital, the creative team was led by executive creative director Ben Hughes, creative directors Mark Gardner and Chris Knight, and executive producer Patrick Krulik. "The insight and creative ideas we received from the clients and the team at Stinkdigital gave us a lot to work with," Lin began. "We worked closely with them to fine-tune the direction, then produced, filmed, and managed the project's post-production from end-to-end. Handling everything in-house allowed us to be extremely cost-effective while ensuring each story was as impactful as possible."

Along with Lin, Valiant's production team included executive producer Matthew D'Amato, line producer Amalia Bradstreet, director of photography Adam Donald and production designer Javiera Varas. After honing each scenario, great care went into selecting real-world locations in the NYC area, and finding the ideal talent to show credibility and versatility. Efforts to heighten authenticity also were addressed through production design. "Essentially," D'Amato explained, "We embraced everything that each setting had to offer and built-in personality, while avoiding to make everything look perfect."

"During production, we threw our characters into each setting and allowed the camera to flow freely, capturing moments where their expressions and actions were natural," said Lin, adding: "We secretly rolled between takes on many occasions."
For Stinkdigital, credit also goes to video producer Luciana Alamo and junior producer Marta Nelson. 

To learn more about Google for Work and Android, visit http://google.com/work/android.

About Valiant Pictures
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