Geomedia, a Texas-based multimedia production and interactive studio, illustrated the charitable contributions of Valero Energy Corporation in a new, nationwide campaign.

Geomedia and San Antonio advertising agency One-Eighty worked together to turn the concept - Valero is a big, successful company that makes wise business decisions, but also positively impacts communities around the United States in many different ways - into an innovative, compelling commercial.

“Tom Norman and Lisa Breshiers with One-Eighty had several great ideas to support the concept, so we worked alongside them to develop a vehicle that illustrated this information in a smart and creative way,” Geomedia executive producer Zach Nasits said. “We agreed that this campaign required a simple, sophisticated style that would communicate Valero’s impressive statistics and achievements without sounding self-serving.”

Initial concepts incorporated imagery that played with icons of “the head,” to illustrate Valero’s business side, and “the heart,” to convey Valero’s charitable side. From that initial starting point, Geomedia’s animation team refined the idea before deciding to use elegantly simple, 2D basic graphic icons and add complexity by having them flow and evolve into each other.

“We came up with a few different animation tests to show the client, some safer, some more experimental. They ended up loving the more experimental ones, which is what we were hoping would happen,” Geomedia animation director Jeff Stoyer said.  

This approved style presented Valero’s story in a way that embraced artistic potential and flexibility with elegance and sophistication.

“The technique was welcoming, confident and could appeal to anyone – investors and the general public alike,” Stoyer said.

With the visual style nailed down, Stoyer and Geomedia animation generalist Martin Jaeger completed the visuals over the course of several weeks. Keith Harter Music produced a clean audio score that was mixed with a confident compassionate voiceover.

“Geomedia has been up for any challenge we’ve given them through the years. They always bring innovation to the table and partner with us creatively so we can deliver a project that surpasses anyone’s expectations,” One-Eighty creative director Breshiers said.

The completed spots are currently airing and are viewable below and on Geomedia’s VimeoPro page.