Breaking on NBC’s “The Voice,” a new Ford commercial proved two things: that the redesigned Mustang is cool, and that it’s so cool, it can even make the 70s classic “Sometimes When We Touch” sound exciting. “Song,” created via Team Detroit and directed by Mike McCoy of Bandito Brothers, broke during the hit show’s March 24 broadcast and aired again April 1. Einar, of bicoastal Union, edited the spot.

“I knew we would need a cut that was blazing with visual energy in order to ensure a clear contrast with a slow 1970’s ballad – that would be the key to the success of this Mustang concept,” said Team Detroit Senior Producer Mark Nicholas. “And, of course, Einar brought that energy, as well as a fountain of creative solutions. He always delivers.”

“Normally, I’m cutting with the music,” the editor recalled. “Here, I had this amazing car hauling ass on a tarmac and had to imagine that the music would be exactly the opposite.” The concept called for a slow, 70s ballad, but exactly which one would be used was up for discussion. “There were so many songs in the mix, but ultimately it was about making the action as intense as possible to counter the easy listening vibe of the track,” said Einar, who has cut numerous spots for Ford, and whose recent credits include CA Tourism, FIFA and Dr. Pepper.

“I’ve worked with Einar and Union on numerous projects and knew immediately that he was the editor for this,” said Todd Ruthven, Creative Director at Team Detroit. “Einar possesses an uncanny ear for how the music and visuals play off each other in an edit - or contrast each other in this case - making him the perfect editor for this job.”

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