Timory King has joined Wondros, the LA-based strategic consultancy and media/production company, in the role of Executive Producer.  Chief Creative Officer Anne-Marie Mackay of Wondros announced today’s news.

Chief Creative Officer Anne-Marie Mackay says, “King’s thoughtful eye and seasoned perspective are both great additions to Wondros. She embodies the true meaning of our company by inspiring directors and clients to envision that anything is possible in the creative world of storytelling and production.”

King brings her prestigious reputation and executive skills to Wondros after overseeing production on award winning commercials and advertising campaigns for entities such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, Microsoft, Revlon, Target, JP Morgan Chase and IBM, among others. 

“I joined Wondros because of the environment Jesse Dylan and Anne-Marie have established—one based on creativity and the spirit of working together as a collective.  In my short time here, I have taken on a great new challenge in expanding my areas of expertise and I look forward to finding and fostering both new and existing creative talent,” stated King.

Timory King started her career in print advertising and segued into commercial production during many location trips around the world.  She has produced for noted directors including Phil Morrison, Stacy Wall, Jeff Preiss and Matthew Badger. King was mentored by Jerry Solomon and Doug Halbert while working closely with Epoch Films & Imperial Woodpecker.

King will be based in Wondros’ Los Angeles offices. 

About Wondros
Wondros is a strategic consultancy and media production company. By channeling the skill sets of a coalition of filmmakers, producers and talent, Wondros creates content in the service of ideas that change culture.  www.wondros.com